månadsarkiv: april 2022

Dopping på stilla vatten

Så hittar Harald Ris ett par svarthalsade doppingar vid hamnpiren i Träslövsläge och efter flera samtal till oss vid Morups fyr överger jag Falkenberg och sitter snart med fåglarna mer eller mindre i knät. Kul med den vridbara skärmen på R5:an, vilket gör att man kan få tillräckligt låga perspektiv … och det blir ju riktigt bra tycker jag 🙂


Våren rullar på och den självvalda sömnlöshetens tid står för dörren. Många morgnar helg som vardag inleds vid fyren på Morups tånge med konstanta förväntningar som tyvärr alltför sällan infrias. Men – hade det varit för tio år sedan hade ingen trott på en rapport om 79 nordsträckande toppskarvar, en exempellös uppgång … ofta, som här, i helt artrena flockar. Kul!


Per Nordgren på Zeiss bad mig skriva lite om skådningen och min relation till Zeiss och det mynnade så småningom ut i denna text på Zeiss egen hemsida under rubriken ”Ambassadors answer”. Kul!

Ambassadors answer: Lasse Olsson

Lasse Olsson is a Swedish birdwatcher and nature photographer. We visited him at the Swedish west coast and there he was one of the first to test our new ZEISS SFL binoculars.

What does ZEISS mean to you?

ZEISS means first class products you can always rely on. The performance and quality are outstanding and even though it’s freezingly cold, hot and humid or raining cats and dogs they bring out the best of whatever you’re looking at. ZEISS is a natural companion whenever I leave my house, for full-time birding as well as when taking a stroll in the vicinity with my wife. As I use to say – one ZEISS fits all 😊

What is your favorite product and why?

Hard question and depending on my schedule. I never leave my Victory SF 10×32 bins too far away when photographing, travelling or birding. It’s handy, lightweight but still outstanding when it comes to brightness and over-all performance. On the other hand, recently I had the opportunity to try the new gem in the ZEISS family – the SFL 10×40 – which seems to be a superb alternative due to similar performance and weight plus better low light performance … to a lower cost. When birding along the Swedish west coast though my Harpia 95 is indispensable. The brilliance, extreme field of view and high magnification makes any experience better than reality.

Where is your favorite birding location?

There are, of course, many places I keep revisiting, but I find as much pleasure in birding or photographing in my backyard as well as globally. Do I have to pick one favorite spot it will be Morups tånge. During spring migration continuous flocks of ducks, loons and other waterfowls are passing south along the coastline early mornings, often within close distance. If lucky one may spot some arctic vagrant as both sun and temperature are rising. When autumn comes and strong south-westerly winds bring another scenery, I enjoy taking shelter behind the ancient boulder at Glommen close by waiting for petrels, shearwaters and other wind-driven birds to show up – both moments that in my mind are hard to beat.